Teardwn is a web copywriting agency for bootstrapped startups, marketing agencies & small businesses who want to GROW & COMPETE with the Big Guys. Check some of my recent work.
Meta Craft: Not your typical
digital product agency
Anytongs: Turn Spoons & Forks into versatile kitchen tongs
Black bird agency: A creative agency for real estate projects
REDDICO: The SEarch & content agency for brands with guts
Sunday: The new way to buy a mattress in india
RESOURCE LINK BUILDING: A link building service that actually improves your website rankings.
Eagle: A design library to get you 10x better organized.
HolaBrief: A better way to create design briefs
Littlefund: a gifting platform that makes it easy for family and friends to contribute to your child's goals & dreams.
Lumin: a simplified tablet + app that helps your elderly loved ones keep in touch with family, friends or carers - through video, text, calling and photo sharing.
Pinch: Pinch makes it easy to build your credit history just by paying your rent.
The Green Conspiracy: A gardening planner for urban dwellers.